D'MAK LT PANEL -DMAK-2019-20/09/011(MCC+PDB)
D'MAK LT PANEL -DMAK-2019-20/09/011(MCC+PDB)
D'MAK LT PANEL -DMAK-2019-20/09/011(MCC+PDB)
D'MAK LT PANEL -DMAK-2019-20/09/011(MCC+PDB)

D'MAK LT PANEL -DMAK-2019-20/09/011(MCC+PDB)

We offer MCC Panel, a device that is used to control and actualize the performance of an electric motor. These are offered in a wide variety such as fully draw out / Non draw out type / Compartmentalized / Non compartmentalized / Single Front / Double front operated. It is equipped with ACB / MCCB/ SFU/MCB, DOL, ATS or Star Delta Starters for automatic/ manual means of starting and stopping the motor. We provide facility to operate from Local/Remote / DCS from MCC. Common Protections provided in MCC are Over Load, Short Circuit, Single Phasing etc and special features we can add are Earth Fault, Reverser Power, Under Load, Over and Under Voltage etc. We also offer intelligent MCC which can communicate with PLC, can be start and stop from SCADA, you can measure its power parameters from control room.

 OUTGOING : 1-3  125A MCCB  
 OUTGOING : 5  100A MCCB  
 OUTGOING : 6-7  3.7KW DOL
 OUTGOING : 8-15  7.5KW DOL
 VOLTAGE :   415 VAC
 COLOR :   RAL7032


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